How to select between Mobile Website vs Native Mobile App for your business

mobile web vs mobile app

Are planning to make your business’s or organization’s identity on-line? Are you considering mobile devices for that? Then you would ask mobile website vs native mobile app? You have two options,

1. Develop mobile app
2. Develop mobile friendly responsive web app

Selection of more suitable option depends on a number of factors. Like required features, target audiences, intended purpose and budget.

We tried to list out some most important factors between Mobile app and Mobile web. Hope it will be helpful to you for choosing a more suitable option for your requirement.

mobile website vs native mobile app

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  1. Daniel

    Great article, but maybe another alternative is develop with Cross-Platform frameworks which use phonegap and you are able to generate an app and use offline and also use phone features such camera, bluetooth, etc..
    Depends that you need and how much do you want spend..

    1. Infomatica Labs

      Thanks, Daniel. Yes, cross-platform ultimately is used to create native apps, just that same code is reused to create multi-platform apps. The advantage is that you save time and cost, however, cross-platform might not support all features for all platforms, e.g. Titanium framework I know doesn’t support Windows platform fully. So there is always trade-off going native vs cross-platform, which you need to select carefully based on your requirements.

  2. Yogesh Soppa

    Could u publish any small sample for creating responsive web site and app in .net and its requirement.
    It will be great help.

    1. Infomatica Labs

      Hi Yogesh,

      Developing responsive website is simple. Following are articles explaining how to build responsive websites:
      Basics about responsive website
      how to build responsive website from scratch

      Bootstrap is a very popular framework used to build responsive websites easily:
      Building Responsive Websites Using Twitter BootStrap
      Building Responsive Sites with Bootstrap and

      Hope this would help you !

  3. Shishir Arora

    none of these points are valid for mobile web nowadays with PWAs

    1. Infomatica Labs

      Thanks Shishir, for taking your time to refer the blog and your opinion. Can you please clarify in what context have you used ‘PWAs’ and how does it apply here. Thanks.

  4. motoapk APK

    Appreciate you sharing, great blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

    1. Infomatica Labs

      Glad that you liked the post.

  5. eebest8 fiverr

    “Thanks again for the article.Much thanks again. Really Great.”

    1. Infomatica Labs

      We are happy that you liked our post. Thanks.

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