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How to install Magento theme

Welcome to Infomatica Blog. In this small tutorial we would touch on how to install Magento theme which is the very next step the store owner would want to perform after Magento installation.

Here are the steps described to install a Magento theme for Magento version

1. Go to Magento Admin > System > Magento Connect> Magento connect manager

Login to Magento Admin

Go to Magento Connect Manager

2. Login using Magento Admin username and password

Login to Magento Connect Manager

3. Under “Install New Extensions” select option 1. Search for modules via Magento Connect.

Search for modules via Magento Connect

4. Go to Themes from menu and browse for a suitable theme.

Browse theme

5. Select a theme of your choice and click on install.

Install theme

6. Select Magento version 1.0 or 2.0 and click on “Get Extension Key”

Get extension key

7. Copy the Extension key and go back to Magento Connect Manager and paste it and click on the install button.

Click on Install button

8. Underneath, it would show the package to be installed, click on the proceed button.

Proceed for theme package installation

9. Once dependency package checking and installation is completed, click on the refresh button.

Click on refresh

10. Go to Magento admin by selecting “Return to admin” option from the top.

11. Go to Magento Admin> System > Design. Click on “Add Design Change”. Select your installed theme from the Custom Design dropdown and save the configuration.

Go to System > Design

Add design change

Select theme

12. Go to the store front and see the new theme in effect.

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