Android Application Development

Android is the world’s one of the most dominated and famous smartphone platforms. It is the second best eco-system after iOS for smart devices due to plenty of apps and diverse number of devices. Android is home to several hundreds of devices including mobile phones, tablets, televisions, media players and even cameras. It is one of the best ways to support your product or service and extending its functionality and reach out to mobile users and make their lives easier.

You can outsource android application development for following services offered by Infomatica. We offer Android apps development service at affordable costs. We help you in building and development of Android apps for phones as well as tablets. We create applications with following features.

We Offer

  • Simple Yet Engaging and Thoughtful UI

As an effort to take forward Google’s modern app design approach, we design applications in accordance to the latest ‘Holo‘ design theme.

  • Support Multiple Screen Resolutions With Single Installation File

Due to the problem of fragmentation in Android, we create applications with such a planning that it scales properly up to multiple standard resolutions. We design dynamic applications that use latest UI elements and fragments (for tablet apps).

  • Fast Performance & Minimum Response Time

Designing beautiful apps is one thing and making them work faster and efficiently is a whole another thing. We develop apps that perform well even on resource constraint devices. We build apps that are compatible to highest number of devices. Android apps developed by us react instantly and have instantaneous response time so that user cannot feel the slowness while using the app.

  • Widgets

Widgets are one of the main attractions about the Android applications. We also build support development of widgets for your Android applications. Widgets for a particular applications can provide instant look at the needs of the users right at the home screens.

Advance Android Application Development

  • Choice Of Development Environments

We also give you freedom of choosing the development platform, tools and APIs. We can build apps according to your requirements and according to your selection with either NDK or SDK. We use ActionBarSherlock for highly used options in the application.

  • Social Apps Are Rage

We offer Android apps development service to build apps with a social touch. We can even integrate social features into the applications using Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK or any other Third Party SDK recommeded by you.