iPhone Application Development

The world renowned Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; all operate using Apple’s own iOS platform. It is often praised for its ease of use, performance, graphically rich look and a choice of over 20,00,000 third-party applications and games. A huge range of accessories support for iOS brings forward real world possibilities for applications and games.

Some of the important positives of iOS applications and its ecosystem are
  • iOS has a most number of tools and APIs for development which helps to create applications easily.
  • iOS has the best ecosystem in the world with large media collections of songs, videos, books, games, applications and accessories.
  • Pre-release version of operating system are widely and fully available to the developers.
  • Most of the available models and iOS devices are updated frequently to latest versions so it is easy and safe for developers to maintain compatibility of their apps and games up to a year back.

Infomatica Labs is an iphone application development company which offers offshore iphone application development services. We develop business class apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. From the first contact with you, brain-storming the idea of your requirement, through to final public release on the App Store, everything we do is client-centric. We keep our knowledge and skills updated which helps us in developing creative, customized, flexible and variety of software solutions for different business domains. We achieve our goal by delivering innovative iPhone applications to our clients in an honest, fair and transparent way. We work closely with clients to design and build powerful, feature-rich iOS apps with stunningly beautiful interfaces.

We Offer

  • Clean and Thoughtful UI

We can develop apps with stunningly beautiful yet simple design. We can create off Native as well as Custom UI design and looks which suit your requirements and needs.

  • iPhone and iPad

We offer development of iOS applications for multiple OS version with wide compatibility range. Same application will follow the multiple column design suited to the iPad resolution.

  • Fast Performance and Minimum Response Time

People get most annoyed when they have to wait while using any app. We try hard to keep the performance fast and reducing the app response time to the minimum possible.

Advanced iphone Application Development

  • Choice Of Development Environments

For the convenience of our customers, we offer them a wide variety of choices for their preference of application development environment using XCode, Phone Gap, Titanium as well as platform independent HTML5.

  • Social Sharing Apps & Integration

If application development requires social sharing and posting, we can offer sharing and integrating data to and from almost all popular social networks using dedicated APIs.