Custom Application Development

This is the age of Internet and almost every business, be it small or large, they are moving online. Even the brick and mortar has some kind of web presence. Applications are being used from closed environments such as Intranet to the world’s biggest platforms such as the Web.

Infomatica Labs is a web application development company and we build applications that are tailored to your business needs. We understand that your business needs applications that have high availability but not at the expense of high resources. We build applications that adhere to latest standards, yet are easy to use and offers seamless integration with other parts of your business workflow. We build the web apps that play nice with bulk data and offers the latest security to your data. You can consult Infomatica to develop custom web apps which can be integrated with cross platform apps and Webservices. We can develop applications which offer stability, flexibility, and reliability and scalability on a long term use.

In Web Application Development We Offer

  • Intuitive UI For Excellent Usability

The web 3.0 is here and almost all the internet giants like Google are favoring responsive layout for the websites as there are all kinds of devices nowadays which can be connected to the Internet and browse the web. To cater the needs of various devices such as smartphones and tablets which people are using to browse the Internet, using responsive design allows rendering the website content perfectly on almost any screen size ranging from dumb phones to tablets and desktops.

Infomatica Labs is a custom web application development company that builds attractive yet easy to understand layout, minimalistic and responsive designs. We use less images in the web application to make it lightweight in nature so that they can be used even when Internet connectivity is thin.

  • Fast Performance & Tight Security

Performance and security are yet another areas of focus where we press hard and abide by standards to keep you efficient and keep your data safe and secure. We use various safety standards such as HTTPS and SSL for web applications to deliver secure data transaction between intents and activities. We develop authentication and authorization based applications so that they can be accessed only by authorized personnel or codes.

  • Extras/Miscellaneous Features For Custom Needs

Infomatica Labs delivers offshore web application development according to your business needs such as timely reports and notifications through various mediums such as Email and SMS. We can deliver intuitive reporting through visually appealing graphs, charts and other graphics and many other features as per your business requirements.